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BEA WebLogic Server V8.1 英文正式版

For Windows NT/2000/XP

平台電子商務應用解決方案 BEA Weblogic。最新 8.1 版 HoneRdBT 全台首發

   2003.05.01 全新〞光榮 〞上市 XYZ STUDIO
BEA WebLogic Server V8.1 英文正式版

■ 參考網址:

•請詳閱光碟底下 install.txt(install.en.txt)完整中、英文安裝破解說明檔


  Bea Weblogic Server 是業界第一 Web 和無線應用伺服器,它以可伸縮性,靈

WebLogic Server成熟的性能和力量。作為您電子商務架構的基石,BEA WebLogic

  有口皆碑的BEA WebLogic Server基於Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 標準,
驅動著當今最先進的電子商務應用系統。作為BEA WebLogic電子商務平臺的核心,
BEA WebLogic Server在這一緊密集成的,完善的基礎結構中發揮著重要的作用,
WebLogic Serve解決了應用系統中所有的複雜性問題 ,讓您能夠專注于開發創新

In the face of economic uncertainty, IT organizations are forced to
reduce costs and make the most of out available resources. It has
become absolutely necessary to maximize developer and administrative
resources while fully leveraging existing IT investments. From concept
to deployment, companies are demanding to see reduced time-to-value
out of their investments. WebLogic Server 8.1 focuses specifically on
reducing hardware, software and the human costs of these projects,
allowing budget to be redirected to building new applications that
increase operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience and
allow businesses to be more agile in today's competitive environment.
WebLogic Server 8.1 maximizes developer productivity, reduces the cost
of operations and management and drives standards based integration
into the enterprise, helping you to get ahead in an increasingly
competitive world without damaging your bottom line.