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Appdev SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services 英文正式版【4片裝】

For Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP

AppDev 專業電腦教學光碟。最新版 HoneRdBT 全台首發

   2003.05.01 全新〞光榮 〞上市 XYZ STUDIO
Appdev SQL Server 2000 Data Transformation Services 英文正式版【4片裝】

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AppDev 是一家專業的電腦叢書出版商,這是 AppDev 最新針對 SQL Server
2000 的資料轉換服務(DTS)的教學光碟,而且這也是第一版特別針對 DTS 所製

使用 DTS 的功能可以輕易的存取、轉換和載入使用 OLE DB、Open Database
Connectivity(ODBC)或文字檔的異相資料來源,並且將資料轉入 OLE DB 資料
庫或多維度存放區。DTS 也會將資料轉換工作自動化,藉由規則性的排程以允許

In this course, you will learn how to use Data Transformation Services
(DTS) in Microsoft SQL Server 2000. This course presents DTS as an
integral part of a data warehousing solution. You will learn how DTS
works, how to set up DTS packages, and how to use the graphical tools
for creating and maintaining packages. You will also learn how to use
the various components of DTS packages: connections, tasks, steps, and
global variables. Learning DTS not only benefits those who design and
build data warehouses and data marts, but also anyone who works with
data that is stored in different formats throughout an organization.
This course shows you how Data Transformation Services can be used in
any situation involving data transfer or maintaining the consistency
of data.

In this course, you will learn to...
- Understand what a data warehouse is and how to use it.
- Use the DTS Import/Export Wizard.
- Work with the components of a DTS package.
- Use the DTS Package Designer.
- Copy and manipulate data using DTS.
- Use the Transfer Data Task.
- Use the Bulk Insert Task.
- Store DTS packages.
- Execute and secure DTS packages.
- Modify the properties of DTS packages.