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Dataflux Power Studio US Database 英文正式版

For Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP

視窗環境資料管理軟體。最新版 HoneRdBT 全台首發

   2003.05.01 全新〞光榮 〞上市 XYZ STUDIO
Dataflux Power Studio US Database 英文正式版

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從 DataFlux 那裡用 dfPower Studio 把資料整合和資料的匯總帶到你的電腦。

作為一個客戶端的產品發展,dfPower Studio 對於管理把你的資料轉變成你能夠

對於dfPower Studio, 你得到這個功能性可幫助你使不正常資料正常化, 除去需
重新備份資料, 從不同資料來源與資料合併, 核實證實和正確的位址, 並且確定

所有至關重要的如果你想要把你的資料變成知識, 和把那知識變成利益。

是否在一個部門水準上使用或者一個企業裡, 任何部門裡的任何用戶能夠利用
dfPower Studio。 這強大和萬用的辦法幫助你解決資料安全性的問題,能夠透過
越過資料來源和副本資料在其它之內為確定和固定, 和在資料來源中確定和改正

Bring data quality and data integration to your desktop with
dfPower Studio from DataFlux. Developed as an end-user product,
dfPower Studio manages the data quality tasks essential to
transforming your data into a strategic asset that you can use to
make faster, more informed business decisions.

With dfPower Studio, you get the functionality you need to
normalize inconsistent data, eliminate and consolidate duplicate
data, merge data from dissimilar data sources, verify and correct
addresses, and identify critical data quality issues. All vital if
you want to turn your data into knowledge, and that knowledge into

Whether used on a departmental level or enterprise-wide, any user in
any department can utilize dfPower Studio. This powerful and
versatile solution helps you solve the data quality problems that
can undermine your business by providing data management functionality
for identifying and fixing data inconsistencies, matching and
integrating items within and across data sources, and identifying and
correcting duplicate data in a data source. You can easily customize
data quality operations to fit the data specific to your particular
enterprise including name, address, non-name and non-address data,
both domestic and international. dfPower Studio also offers data
enrichment functionality to enhance your business data with valuable
geographic and demographic data. Easy to install, implement and
use; dfPower Studio works with data directly in your database,
eliminating the need to import or export files.