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IBM DB2 Connect Enterprise V8.1 英文正式版

For Windows NT/2000/XP

IBM 資料庫連結軟體。最新 8.1 版 HoneRdBT 全台首發

   2003.05.01 全新〞光榮 〞上市 XYZ STUDIO
IBM DB2 Connect Enterprise V8.1 英文正式版

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DB2 Connect Enterprise 的客戶端軟體,可以讓你在任何一個 Linux 終端連接
到網路上的任何一個 DB2 Personal Editor 伺服器上

DB2 Universal Database也開始支援大型主機 OS/ 390
及AS/400,換句話說,IBM的DB2 Universal Database已完成同一程式核心跨平
台支援,IBM也即將推出新產品DB2 KnowledgeX,具有智慧型資料掘取(Data
mining)能力。DB2 Universal Database會越來越走向開放式平台,不論大型系
統或小型系統,都能夠支援。目前IBM也正與Turbo Linux及Caldera 合作,推出
Linux平台上的DB2。至於IBM今年剛買下的Sequent公司,也會推出 Sequent平台
上的產品,其餘合作提供解決方案的伙伴還包括Siebel、SAP、 PeopleSoft等。

DB2 Connect provides connectivity to IBM mainframe databases for e-
business and other applications running under various UNIX and U non-
UNIX operating systems. DB2 Connect has several connection solutions.
DB2 Connect Personal Edition provides direct connectivity to host or
AS/400 databases, while DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition provides
indirect connectivity that allows clients to access host or AS/400
databases through the DB2 Connect server. DB2 Connect Unlimited
Edition provides a unique packing solution that makes product
selection and licensing easier.

DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition connects LAN-based systems and their
desktop applications to your company's mainframe and minicomputer host

Extends the Connect function to UNIX platforms and client workstations
in a workgroup, department, or LAN setting and is suited for:

-Those who want to consolidate host access through a gateway.
-Environments where the host system does not support native TCP/IP
-Applications that need support for Java Applets
-Deploying Web applications (for example, Microsoft IIS, Net.Data?
-WebSphere, and NetDynamics)
-TP Monitor applications (for example, CICS? Encina, Microsoft
-Transaction Server, and MQ?Series)
-Multitier applications
-Platforms where DB2 Connect Personal Edition is not available (for
example, UNIX)