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Alcatel OmniSwitch CBT 阿爾卡特交換機教學 英文正式版

For Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP

阿爾卡特 OmniSwitch 教學。最新版 HoneRdBT 全台首發

   2003.05.01 全新〞光榮 〞上市 XYZ STUDIO
Alcatel OmniSwitch CBT 阿爾卡特交換機教學 英文正式版

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阿爾卡特 OmniSwitch 教學
OmniSwitch 系列交換器是阿爾卡特最新發表符合下一代骨幹核心等級交換器,
沿續阿爾卡特一貫獨到而先進的系統設計理念,OmniSwitch 7000 系統及
OmniSwitch 8800 具有更高容量背板處理能力,可提供 ISP 等級使用者、大型

Course overview:
* Alcatel Course 201: OmniSwitch Family Product and Technical

* This course aims at to focus the architecture and the
functionalities of the OS/R, Omniswitch and OmniStack.

* Basic knowledge in Ethernet, Token ring, FDDI, and ATM, as well
as the principals and protocols IP and IPX.

* OmniSwitch and OmniS/R chassis and power supplies(Sources of
* MPM and MPX
* Modules of Switching: including Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit
Ethernet, token ring, FDDI, frame relay, and ATM
* PizzaSwitch/PizzaPort
* OmniStack
* OmniMSS


* To connect to a OmniSwitch or OS/R
* To determine the current version of the operational system
* To load one nobo codigo operacional(microcodigo) in a OmniSwitch
or OS/R using a Hardwired PC atraves of door COM(console) NIC
* To communicate itself with switch saw Iinterface de Usuario,
telnet or section ftp, and the "boot" prompt
* To restart switch and to address one I number IP
* To more apprehend on the Interface of the Usuario and the structure
of command
* To interconnect switches and to observe the properties of spanning